SpeakOutBC Winter Trip to Longyan Elementary School in China

This past winter break, members of the SpeakoutBC club flew to China to again visit the Longyan Elementary School in the Fujian province. From December 17-30, 2017, these dedicated students spent their winter holiday with almost 30 Chinese students, teaching them reading and writing, public speaking, and debate skills, all in English.

While this time allowed the Chinese students to gain valuable mentorship from SpeakoutBC, the benefits did not end there. Using over $4500 in funds that they raised through their own efforts during the year, our SpeakoutBC students also built a mini-library for Longyan Elementary, so that the younger students could continue their studies in English long after the visit ended. The SpeakOutBC team provided more than 200+ English and Chinese books to stock the library.

Finally, SpeakoutBC set up a very exciting initiative to help motivate their students in China: a scholarship program to reward top students! One student this year will be the recipient of a special SpeakOutBC-sponsored award: a Top Student trophy and a free ticket to travel to Vancouver in the summer of 2018 to visit all their new mentors.



SpeakOutBC 2017 Trip to Longyan Elementary School China

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