December 2016 Trip to China

SpeakOut BC is excited to announce the hard work of the whole group! From December 18 to December 30, 2016, some of our SpeakOutBC members travelled to Longyan City, Fujian Province, China, for a 2-week training program. They were invited to the Longyan Elementary School, where they taught 50 Chinese students in English public speaking and debate. Each member taught 5 children.

The SpeakOutBC members raised the funds to allow them the opportunity to teach the Chinese children to read and perform in English. They all worked very hard to fundraise and presented an amount of more than ¥50000 on behalf of SpeakOutBC, with the money being used to build an RSL (ReadSpeakLead) Reading Room for the school children. This RSL Reading Room will provide books to children who enjoy reading and assists them in getting free access to  reading in English in Longyan, China.

This was an incredible end to the year 2016 for SpeakOutBC.



December 2016 Trip to China

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